KOL Interactions and Working Groups

IJCP has a very strong network with top KOL doctors across all specialties across India. We can invite certain KOL doctors for meetings or discussions on a certain specialty, treatment, molecule or guidelines.

Working Groups

  • There will be KOL’son a particular subject or specialty.
  • They Will work as a task force
  • Endorsed by an association or the government
  • Controlled from Delhi
  • Will meet once in a month or as and when required
  • All doctors will be directors so will have equal designations avoiding conflicts
  • Will help in framing guidelines, policies, education etc
  • Meetings can be arranged with the chief minister, health minister, health minister India, planning commission, finance minister, president and vice president, chemical and fertilizer minister etc on certain issues and guidelines.
  • Standard Audio PPT’s for GP’s, specialists and super specialists
  • Working group certified professors and speakers
  • Endorsing Indian statistics
  • Material for public education – leaflets, books etc
  • Media spokespersons
  • Disease communities
  • Social media presence of KOL’s
  • Blogs of various KOL’s on the subject
  • Regular web cast and later on available as inbox presentation on the web
  • Regularly organizing camps and public awareness events
  • Promotion through IJCP’s daily medical newspapers such as emedinews etc
  • Promotion through IJCPs publications
  • Coming out with standard text book on the subject
  • Faq’s for doctors and public
  • National Day on the disease
  • Product launches
  • Media awareness and Liasoning
  • Organizing lectures and CME’s for doctors


Image building of KOL

We feel that PR services for doctors are very necessary in today’s teach savvy age. We can facilitate the following such activities and services for enhancing a KOL’s image

  • Get them media exposure and coverage in newspapers and TV
  • Organize lectures
  • Print Presence – Publish their articles, publications etc
  • Social media presence – Create blogs, twitter account, facebook page, website and work on it actively.
  • Patient Networking
  • Facilitate the doctors with awards